Spinning HDD with Case Removed

Is your HDD Failing? Time to upgrade to a SSD!

One of the most common problems that we deal with is when the hard disk drive (HDD) on a computer fails.

When you store information on your computer it is kept on ‘non-volatile storage’ – this essentially means the information doesn’t disappear when you turn off the computer. A hard disk drive is one or more metal platters which have a magnetic coating on which your data is stored. A head which is mount on a moving arm then accesses the data from the platters as they spin.

An SSD is similar to a USB memory stick in that it has no moving parts, and the data is stored on flash chips. It provides the same basic function as a HDD but has no moving parts and is therefore typically more reliable (and faster).

Although a faulty HDD is often only repaired after total failure, all hard disk drives degrade over time – this is due to it being a mechanical part. When a hard disk drive fails, we suggest in most cases to replace this with an SSD. By replacing your HDD with an SSD you will often experience huge gains in the speed of your computer and at the very least it will make a noticeable difference.

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Print Spooler Vulnerablity

A vulnerability has recently been exposed in every version of Microsoft Windows which would allow an attacker to remotely execute code and escalate privilege to SYSTEM.

There was a separate vulnerability with the print spooler service recently discovered dubbed PrintNightmare and I can confirm that this vulnerability is a completely new hole in the print spooler service and is about as bad as it can get (as was the PrintNightmare vulnerability).

Both of these security vulnerabilities would allow an attacker complete control of your computer e.g installing software, modifying files and creating new administrator accounts!

Microsoft are yet to patch this latest vulnerability, but for now it is suggested to disable the print spooler service altogether.