CCTV & Access Control

We install, maintain and upgrade CCTV installations and Access control systems.

CCTV Systems

We install, manage and upgrade IP camera systems. Our network connected CCTV systems are accessible from your mobile phone wherever you are in the world. Set custom alerts and be notified instantly when they are triggered! We can install everything from Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), Large Format Displays to super high resolution 4K Ultra HD cameras depending on your requirements. We can also provide remote backup for your CCTV system offering an additional level of security in case of data destruction on the CCTV NVR unit.

Access Control Systems

We install smart access control systems that allow you to gain entry to buildings and/or rooms with a key-code or smart-tag depending on your requirements. Our access control solution is installed with minimal effort as we can usually reuse existing electric bolts/strikes and magnetic locks. With one of our access control systems, you can remotely manage your access devices with one easy interface, set door lock policies, add visitors or review detailed statistics and logs.